• Adress: Predio Industrial Goodpark.
    Sgto. Díaz 8194. Pablo Podestá
    Buenos Aires, Argentina, (1657)

  • PHONE: (+54-11) 2120-4260

Welcome to Tecmade

About us

TECMADE S.A. is an engineering company that has a modern precision machining center. It has manufactured, repaired, and provided maintenance services of a wide range of equipment for the industry in general throughout its business history.

Our Mission

To offer integral solutions providing products and services which are highly valued by our clients.

Our Vision

To create long-term value behaving with integrity. We believe that the only path towards sustainable growth is working with people with strong values and the skills needed to understand and build relationships with our clients to meet and anticipate their needs.

Welcome to Tecmade

Our history

  • 1973

    The Beginning

    TECMADE becomes operational as an engineering company.


    Brakes and Bumpers

    It starts the production of brakes and bumpers for bridge cranes.

  • 1984

    Perforating Guns

    It starts the production of perforating guns and accessories for oil wells.


    Exclusive Agent for GALVI

    It becomes an exclusive agent in Argentina of brakes and bumpers for bridge cranes for the Italian brand GALVI (NEWCOMEN S.r.l.).

  • 1998

    Exclusive Agent for Maina

    It becomes an exclusive agent in South America of gear ouplings, universal shafts, and transmission shafts manufactured by the Italian brand MAINA organi di transmissione S.P.A.


    Officine Montorfano S.R.L.

    It becomes an exclusive agent of hardened and grinding rolls for all types of industries manufactured by Officine Montorfano S.R.L.

  • 2006

    Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali

    It becomes an exclusive agent of motors, adjustable speed drives, and electronic control equipment manufactured by the Italian Company Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali S.p.A.


    Engineering and Design

    It offers engineering design services in 3D drawing systems with manufacturing blueprints.

  • 2010

    Hydraulic Pumps

    It designs and manufactures high-pressure hydraulic pumps based on our clients´ requirements and specifications


    Mechanical Pumps for oil wells

    It designs and develops mechanical pumps for oil wells in association with PURSA S.A.

  • 2013

    Manufacturing of grit traps

    It manufactures grit traps for oil wells, significantly improving pumps´useful life.


    Repair services for bridge cranes

    It provides electrohydraulic braking system repair services for bridge cranes and MAINA organi di transmissione S.P.A

  • 2015

    Exterior Roll

    It manufactures exterior roll cages for pickup trucks.


    Workshop enlargement

    It enlarges the service workshop for hydraulic and special equipment.

  • 2019

    Relocation plan

    It begins the relocation plans to move premises to a new industrial park.


    Relocates to Industrial Park

    It relocates to the Industrial Estate Good Park, expanding its facilities.

Processing System


Knowledge international standards of, technologicaly changes industrial systems we are dedicated to provides seds the best and economical solutions to valued customers there us are many variations of majority have suffered.

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Innovation & Adoption


Bienvenidos a Tecmade


TECMADE S.A. es una empresa de ingeniería que cuenta con un taller de mecanizado de precisión. Tecnología Mecánica para la Industria

Durante toda su trayectoria ha fabricado, reparado y prestado servicios de mantenimiento en gran variedad de equipos para la industria en general.

En 2020 traslada todas sus operaciones al Predio Industril Good Park ampliando todas sus instalaciones.


Ofrecer soluciones a nuestros clientes, proveyendo de productos y servicios que sean más valorados que los de nuestra competencia.


Crear valor a largo plazo comportándonos de manera íntegra. Creemos que la única forma de crecer de manera sustentable es contar con personas con los valores correctos y las capacidades necesarias que puedan entender y desarrollar relaciones con nuestro clientes para satisfacer y anticipar sus necesidades.